Conversations with our members and allies; highlighting survivor experiences and the work being done to eradicate harassment in fieldwork.

Episode 11 with Brendane Tynes & Alyssa A.L. James

Welcome to the 11th episode of our podcast.

We are happy to have had a conversation with Brendane Tynes and Alyssa A.L. James, the creators of Zora’s Daughters podcast.

Read more and support them on their podcast webpage (, fb page ( twitter account ( or instagram profile (

Episode 10 with Dr. Susan Tsang

This is episode 10 of our Field Stories.

Our guest today is Dr. Susan Tsang who provides a very informative and adventurous conversation touching on subjects such as menstruation and field hygiene.

Check out her research here: Or you can follow her on twitter here:

Episode 9 with Dr. Erin Pritchard

Thank you for tuning in for the 9th episode of our podcast. Today we thank Dr. Erin Pritchard for a very eye opening conversation. Dr Pritchard is a core member of the Centre for Culture and Disability Studies:

Episode 8 with Laura Thurmann

Welcome back to our podcast for the 8th episode with Laura Thurmann.

Laura is a postgraduate student at The University of Manchester where she researches sexualized fieldwork violence. You can follow her on twitter:

Episode 7 with Dr. Jagriti Gangopadhyay

This is the 7th episode of our podcast with Dr. Jagriti Gangopadhyay.

Dr. Gangopadhyay is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities. She is a sociologist by training and her research interest lies in population studies, health, aging and gender. You can read more about her work here:… or here:

Episode 6 with Dr. Holly Walters of #MeToo Anthro

We return with the 6th episode of our podcast.

Holly Walters is a cultural anthropologist whose ethnographic work focuses on pilgrimage and politics in the Nepal Himalayas, as well as material culture, divine personhood, and ritual practice in South Asia. You an read more about her work here:…. Her new book is out in October 2020:….

Dr. Walters is also part of the #metoo anthro collective. Read more about them on their website:, twitter: or instagram:

Episode 5 with Dr. Julie Libarkin

Please forgive the glitches. Dr. Libarkin’s full intro is here: Julie is a professor of Earth Sciences and a director of the Geocognition Research Laboratory at Michigan State University. She has teaching appointments with the Center for Integrative Studies in General Science and with CREATE for STEM Institute for Research on Science and Mathematics Education. She is affiliated with the MSU’s Cognitive Science Program and Environmental Science and Policy Program. She is also the creator of the academic sexual misconduct database.

Read more about Dr. Libarkin here:…

The academic sexual misconduct database can be accessed here: https://academic-sexual-misconduct-da…

Episode 4 with Ingrid Ramón Parra

We hope you enjoyed our 4th episode of Field Stories.

Please read Ingrid’s articles on Medium:… or you can follow her on twitter here:

Ingrid’s “Power of Anthro” can be visited following this link:

Episode 3 with Josh Anadu of Black Thoughts

Thank you for watching the third installment of our videocast.

You can watch Josh’s fieldwork video here:….
Also follow Josh’s other videos on his Black Thoughts channel:…

The article mentioned in the conversation “We Thought You Would Be White”: Race and Gender in Fieldwork by Frances B. Henderson can be read here:…

Episode 1 with Meenakshi Nair Ambujam

Thank you for watching the first episode of Field Stories.

Read Meenakshi’s piece here: